Charging Bison Sends 9-Year-Old Girl Flying Through the Air in Terrifying Video

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A horrifying video captures a bison at Yellowstone National Park sending a girl flying into the air after charging at her. 

Park officials said the 9-year-old from Odessa, Florida, was rushed to the Old Faithful Lodge after being struck by the bison. She was then taken to another clinic for treatment and released. Her injuries were not disclosed. 

According to the officials, the bison charged after a group of people stood within 5 to 10 feet of the animal for about 20 minutes. 

Hailey Dayton, who filmed the shocking footage, said chaos erupted after the girl was hit. 

"Everyone was screaming and running while little kids were crying," she told the New York Post

Millions visit the scenic park every year and the girl is not the first to have a brush with wildlife. 

Teacher Cathy Hayes, who was gored by a bison in 2010, broke down when she spoke to Inside Edition about her encounter with the animal. 

"He flipped me end over end in the air," she tearfully recalled. "I thought, 'This is how my life is gonna end.'"

And a Yellowstone visitor made news last year for taunting a bison on the road. The animal eventually wandered off.

Wildlife expert Ron Magill of Zoo Miami told Inside Edition the girl is lucky to be alive. 

"These are massive, powerful animals," he said. "I've seen them flip small cars. So people need to understand that kind of power, and how quick they are.

"... You're not gonna be able to outrun it."


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