Yellowstone Tourist Caught on Video Making the Ill-Advised Decision to Taunt Bison

The incident occurred at Yellowstone National Park.

A tourist at Yellowstone National Park thought it would be a good idea to taunt a bison. 

The man escaped serious injury, only because the bison made the decision to walk away.

“I was definitely worried for him!” Lindsey Jones, who shot video of the encounter, told Inside Edition. "I was truly nervous that he was going to throw him in the air several feet. I was really scared for the guy, I thought it could've ended really bad."

The unidentified tourist looks to be about five feet, 10 inches tall and must weigh about 175 pounds compared to the bison that is six feet tall and nine inches long and weights over 2,000 pounds. 

Bison can be aggressive when defending their turf.

As for the man who taunted the bison, the National Parks Service calls the incident "reckless, dangerous and illegal."

Park officials say there have been at least four injuries at Yellowstone involving animals this year, including a woman who was gored by a bison in June.