Cheetos Designs Hit the Runway for New York Fashion Week

Some of the outfits were flaming hot.

A Cheetos fashion show brought a different kind of hotness to the runway

Models strutted down the runway for New York Fashion Week wearing their best Cheetos-inspired looks on Thursday in Manhattan.

All 21 designs that hit the runway were based on social media trends. The show featured a snack bar as well.

Fans can hit up the Cheetos “House of Flamin’ Haute” in Manhattan this week as well and get their very own Cheetos looks.

“We really took inspiration from our fans to bring to life this Cheetos House of Flaming Haute, which will feature high fashion, yet playful hair, makeup, nails and even clothing inspiration that will let everyone leave here looking like a snack,” said Brandi Ray of Frito-Lay North America, which makes Cheetos.