Chicago Woman Says Her Stolen Dog May Have Been Sold to New Jersey Couple

New Jersey police are asking for the public's help in finding a missing doodle mix.

Have you seen Zorro?

Police in Paramus, New Jersey, are seeking the public's help in identifying a couple who may have inadvertently bought a stolen dog that went missing five months ago in Chicago.

The adorable doodle mix belongs to Nia Morgan and disappeared in March. The woman says she hired a dog sitter to watch her beloved pup while she went on vacation. But when she returned, Morgan said, the dog sitter said Zorro had bolted from her car and was missing.

Morgan said she never believed that. “Next to me he could be off leash, be in a park, he is a shy puppy,” she said. “Definitely a mamma’s boy and sticks to the people he knows.”

Fast-forward to Paramus, where a sharp-eyed dog lover who had seen Morgan's missing posters spotted a doodle mix is certain she saw the animal being walked in a park by a young couple.

“She’s fairly certain that she met the dog missing from Chicago,” said Paramus Police Detective Marc Glantschnig.

Morgan said the couple may have purchased the dog online, and don't know the pup belongs to her. Zorro has a microchip that would immediately identify him, so Morgan and the police hope the couple will come forward.

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