Chihuahua Bit Off Woman's Eyelid While She Got Her Lashes Done

While Kelsey Salmon got her lashes done, the lash tech's pet chihuahua jumped up and attacked her. It took surgeons two hours to reattach the eyelid. Salmon says she hasn't heard from the lash tech since the incident.

A Georgia woman suffered a horrific injury after a chihuahua bit off her eyelid while she got her lashes done. Kelsey Salmon, 23, says she was attacked by the dog at the home of her lash technician, who works out of her apartment near Atlanta. 

“Out of literally nowhere, it jumped up and bit me in the face. And it happened so fast I didn't know what he grabbed. It was shock and adrenaline mixed, but blood started pouring from my face,” Salmon told Inside Edition.

Her eye was completely exposed after the horrific attack. The dog can be heard barking in the background as the lash tech called 911.

“I was terrified. Looking at myself in the front camera, that's when I completely lost it,” Salmon said.

She shared what happened next on TikTok.

“I went to the ER. I was in the ER for 15 hours on my birthday. And it took two hours to reattach it,” Salmon said.

Salmon’s eyelid had to be sewn shut for 12 days. She says the lash tech hasn’t reached out to her. “I know if my dog bit someone I would be constantly checking up on them.”

The wound will take about a year to heal. Meanwhile, Salmon is considering taking legal action against the dog’s owner.

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