Childhood Abuse Survivor Dresses as Batman to Raise Money for Other Victims

He decided he wanted to help kids with the same distressing background.

A Tennessee man dressed as Batman stood atop the roof of a local business Tuesday to raise money for child abuse victims.

“Batman is the only superhero without a superpower and I guess, in turn, that’s what I am to the children who need us most.” said Keith Edmonds, founder of the Keith Edmonds Foundation, which is dedicated to helping victims of child abuse.

Edmonds was abused and left permanently scarred as a child when his mother's boyfriend held his face to an electric heater.

After multiple surgeries frequent trips to the hospital, Edmonds turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his pain.

It wasn’t until he was in his 30's that he realized he wanted to change for the better.

“That was a conversation I had with God," Edmonds said. "I just asked for help." 

Edmonds began changing his life and finding forgiveness.

“Over 50 percent of my face was burned,” Edmonds said. “It’s a constant reminder for me to give forgiveness to a man that changed my life forever.”

He now shares his story with abuse victims to give them hope. And his efforts on Giving Tuesday paid off as he raised $5,000 by that afternoon.

He hopes that his efforts to will bring hope, and not just money, to victims.

“I wanted to be involved in the children’s lives and shorten their transition time from child abuse victim to child abuse survivor,” said Edmonds.