Children's Faces Light Up as They're Surprised With Armfuls of Games and Toys

Inside Edition teamed up with NY Cares and Hasbro to deliver the holiday surprise.

A group of New York City schoolchildren got a very special holiday surprise as they were given toys by Inside Edition and a local nonprofit. 

Inside Edition teamed up with NY Cares and Children of the City to set up a table crammed with this year's hottest toys for the holidays, which also featured items donated by Hasbro. 

Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander got to play Santa Claus while handing out some items, but behind her was a white curtain blocking a table full of the hottest toys of the year. 

Once the curtain was dropped, the children swarmed in, scooping up armfuls of toys and games. As the children shared the items, they also shared in unbridled excitement. 
“This means everything for the kids — they might not otherwise get gifts this season,” a spokeswoman for NY Cares told Inside Edition. 

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