Chris Soules on Leaving the Scene of Deadly Crash: 'I Was Scared'

The "Bachelor" star spoke out for the first time about the 2017 accident.

"Bachelor" star Chris Soules is breaking his silence after his involvement in a deadly 2017 accident.

“All I remember is waking up and radioing to my father and all my hired men, just saying, ‘I need help,’” he told “Good Morning America” Thursday.

Soules' truck rear-ended a tractor driven by his neighbor, 66-year-old Kenny Mosher. He called 911 following the accident.

After paramedics got there, Soules left the scene before police arrived. He tried to explain his actions to ABC News' Michael Strahan.  

“I don’t know that I was thinking clearly,” he said. “I notified the authorities of what had happened, the paramedics were there, but now I know I was scared and wanted to be in a safer place and be outta there.”

Soules was asked by Strahan if he was drinking that night. 

"There were four witnesses who said I did not appear to be intoxicated," Soules replied. 

Soules refused to talk to police when they came to his house hours later. It has been suggested that Soules was trying to sober up.

He disputed that in his interview with Strahan.

“I was not drinking that night,” he said. “The fact is the truck is not mine. It’s not even in my name. We employ over 15 people that — at any time use that truck for work-related things ... and those cans could have been anybody's.”

In August, he pleaded guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge for leaving the scene of a personal injury accident. He’s now serving two years of probation.

"I was never charged with causing the accident. I was charged with leaving the scene of a serious injury accident," Soules said. "A man did die and that was a tragedy. My sentence is living with this for the rest of my life.”