Christmas Pageant Turns Chaotic as Sheep Steals Christ From Manger: 'She Really Wanted That Baby Jesus'

A 2-year-old stole the baby Jesus and a church's nativity play.

A church's nativity show went hilariously wrong when a 2-year-old playing a sheep yanked the Christ child out of his manger and was put in a headlock by the Virgin Mary.

The Tennessee congregants at the First Baptist Church of White Pine laughed uproariously as Teegan Benson grabbed the baby Jesus (which was really an American Girl doll) and began dancing. Enter Mary, played by Teegan's 3-year-old friend Collia Weems, who tried to put the show back on track.

Teegan was having none of it. Every time Collia put Jesus back in his bed, Teegan pulled him out. 

"My daughter loves babies," Tana Benson told Thursday. "She liked that American Girl doll. She stood up there with the baby and the more people laughed, the more she thought she needed to strut her stuff."

As the two little girls engaged in a tug-of-war over the Christ child, Joseph looked on in horror. And while a children's choir sang "Away in a Manger," Collia finally wrapped her arm around Teegan's neck and grabbed for the doll.

That's when Tana stepped onstage and gave her daughter the hook. "I thought they might go rolling down those steps," she said, laughing.

"The song was coming to an end, anyway."

The girls are good friend. "They love each other," Tana said.

Collia is the more prim and proper one. "Collia wasn't mad at her. She was just like, 'Hey, we're not supposed to do that. Come on!'"

"Her mom asked her later what happened and she said, 'I had to tackle her. She wouldn't give it back!'"

The audience loved it. "We were so tickled and crying, literally," Tana said.

But she knew she needed to lead her little girl off the stage. "I knew Teegan was going to go back for that doll. When she has her eyes on the prize, nothing gets in her way."