Cindy Williams on Co-Star Penny Marshall: 'She Is Family'

Inside Edition spoke to Williams in 2015 about her relationship with her "Laverne & Shirley" co-star.

Cindy Williams is mourning her friend Penny Marshall after she passed away on Monday, aged 75.

Williams played Shirley opposite Penny's Laverne on the classic TV show, “Laverne & Shirley.” Their show was a huge hit when it debuted in 1976. 

 “What an extraordinary loss," Williams said in a statement. “My good friend, Penny Marshall is gone—one in a million. Oh what fun we had. Can't describe how I’ll miss her."

Inside Edition spoke to Williams in 2015 about their time together, which wasn't always smooth. There were days of major tension on the set.

“It could get operatic in temperament at times,” she said. “She would become impatient with me at times because it would take me so long to learn something and I would be upset with her because she had it down right away.”  

Williams left the show in 1982.

"She was not happy about it, certainly, but she just soldiered on with the show and it became ‘Laverne & Company,’” Williams said. 

The show continued with Marshall alone but the magic that made them TV legends was gone. The show was cancelled at the end of the season.

The duo eventually made up years later. 

“She is like one of my best friends,” Williams said. “She is family.” 

Also in mourning is David Lander, who played the goofy character Squiggy on the show.   

“She made me laugh, she made me think,” he told Inside Edition. “She made me mad.” 

Lander says he last saw Marshall two years ago at the funeral for her brother, Garry Marshall, the executive producer of “Laverne & Shirley.”

“There was a certain Marshall kind of charm that I think both Penny and Garry had,” he said. 

Marshall died in her Hollywood Hills home on Monday from diabetes-related complications.