Clara Harris, Who Mowed Down Cheating Husband, Released From Prison After 15 Years

She was sentenced to 20 years in prison on what would have been her 11th wedding anniversary.

Dr. Clara Harris has been released from the Texas prison where she's served 15 years for mowing down her husband with her car in a case that transfixed America

Now 60, her hair streaked with gray, the orthodontist was escorted to a waiting SUV where she was given a long "welcome home" hug by a family friend.

As she left prison, she didn't answer when asked how it felt to be out. 

“Throughout the release process, we could see her in the building," reporter Jeff Eheling of KTRK-TV in Houston told Inside Edition. "She had a giant smile on her face and as she finally came out through the very last gate, she showed her prison ID to the guard one final time. Her smile broadened and she went straight to a waiting car and left." 

In 2002, Harris ran over her husband, David, after she discovered he was cheating with the receptionist at their dental practice.

Grainy video of the murder was shot by a private eye documenting David Harris' infidelities. She can be seen repeatedly driving over him behind bushes.

Private investigator Bobbi Bacha watched it happen. 

“She started to do doughnuts over the body," she told Inside Edition. "It’s a big, big parking lot over there, she could have gone in a million different directions but she did doughnuts over the body,”

She was sentenced to the maximum 20 years on what would have been her 11th wedding anniversary.

The mother of two small children collapsed in tears and had to be helped out of the courtroom in a daze to begin her sentence. 

Her story of betrayal and revenge made the case unforgettable.

She spent her time behind bars translating books into braille. Now she will begin rebuilding her life. 

Harris is confined to Galveston County where she's being monitored with an ankle bracelet. She is reportedly living with a friend.