Cleveland Indians Pitcher Trevor Bauer Rejects Claims He Scrawled 9/11 Conspiracy Message on Mound

The message, "BD911" was thought to mean "Bush did 9/11."

A Cleveland Indians pitcher is responding to complaints about a cryptic message he wrote in the dirt of the pitcher's mound that some claim he alluded to the conspiracy theory that President George W. Bush was behind the Sept. 11 attacks.

The uproar began after Trevor Bauer used his cleat to scrawl "BD 91.1" in the mound Tuesday night at Chicago's Wrigley Field.

Many on social media wonder if the letters and numbers stood for “Bush Did 9/11.” 

Immediately following the game, Bauer shot down the accusations.

“Checked Twitter to see a bunch of people making ridiculous accusations. 
1) I wrote BD 91.1 on the mound. It’s a personal thing of importance to me. 
2) It’s completely unrelated to the senseless tragedy we endured on September 11 and it pisses me off that anyone would think that
3) Shame on anyone who says otherwise. Unfounded accusations like these are very hurtful and completely uncalled for," he wrote after the game. 

The Indians beat the Chicago Cubs 10–1.

Following his clarification, some wonder if Bauer meant psalm 91 verse 1 which reads “whoever dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

The pitcher wouldn’t clarify the mystery.  

In a statement to Inside Edition, his agent said: "He addressed with the media and on Twitter. It’s an entirely personal meaning. The initials BD represent a person he knows and 91.1 is training reference from his off season workouts."