Climate Change Scientists and Activists Are Wearing Blue and Red Stripes for Awareness

ShowYourStripes Image

The #ShowYourStripes campaign has taken off since its introduction in 2018 as a way to show the damages of human activity and to advocate for global climate change.

The #ShowYourStripes campaign website shows the steady rise of the global temperature, beginning in the year 1850. The charts show stripes that represent a year's worth of temperature change since the early 20th century, from left to right.

The blue colors indicate cooler-than-average years, and the red colors represent warmer-than-average years.

The CNN Weather Center tweeted about the campaign, urging everyone to take notice of the worldwide temperature changes.

"The idea [behind the stripes] is to communicate climate change in a simple, stark, and compelling way as possible," Ed Hawkins, a climate researcher at the University of Reading and the creator of the stripes, told Climate Central.

According to CNN, the deep red stripes on the far right side showcase how our collective activities have contributed to where we are today, and Hawkins says that almost every country has one of these deep red stripes.

Since Hawkins’ debut of the campaign in 2018, many community members and companies have shown their dedication to raising climate change awareness through their clothing, social media posts, and magazine covers.

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