College Cheerleader Storms Off Court After She Says Opposing Player Cursed At Her

The alleged verbal taunt took place during a March Madness game between Saint Bonaventure and St. Louis.

A college cheerleader is furious over what she calls offensive sideline taunts from the opposing team during a March Madness basketball game.

Hannah Koning, a senior on the squad from Saint Bonaventure University, stormed off the court and was followed by her coach, who was just as upset and pointed to someone behind her.

Koning says a player lashed out at her, using offensive language that left her stunned and fuming. 

“This was after he looked me dead in the eyes, an innocent cheerleader, and told me to "shut the **** up,” Koning tweeted.

Things had gotten heated between the two teams during the game, but nothing prepared Koning for the verbal abuse she says she suffered from the player, identified in published reports as Saint Louis University freshman Jordan Nesbitt. 

“In the heat of the moment, we get that emotions are high, but in a setting like that, a college basketball game, it’s not what anyone wants to see, and I’m happy to see the support for the cheerleaders,” Tom Sipe, a reporter for the Saint Bonaventure newspaper said. 

St. Louis University didn't respond to a request for comment. The school lost and was eliminated from the tournament.

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