Reporter Says She Was Harassed by Fans While Covering Georgia-Clemson Game

Lyndsey Gough says she expects cheering and even photobombing at events like that, but touching crosses the line.

Some fans at this weekend's Georgia-Clemson football game reportedly crossed the line as they passed a local news reporter covering the game. Reporter Lyndsey Gough was understandably anxious to do well reporting on the big game.

But after the University of Georgia beat Clemson, rowdy fans were seen hassling the reporter as she stood in front of the camera. 

“Please don’t touch me,” Gough said to one man.

But it only got worse. At one point, Gough said she had to go to another section of the arena to do her job.

“Please don't touch my equipment,” she told another fan.

Gough, who is also her station's sports director, posted the video on Twitter and explained how violated she felt.

“After the first guy touched me, I started rolling...this isn't even all of it. So uncomfortable. Can we please respect people's space?" she wrote.

It follows another notorious incident when a female reporter, also from Savannah, was slapped on the backside while covering a race in 2019. And just a month ago, a young reporter from Rochester, New York, was repeatedly hounded by a random man on the street.

Gouch says she expects cheering and even photobombing at events like the game, but touching crosses the line.

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