College Student Dodges Dad's Summer Job Questions With $1 Million Lottery Win

It remains unclear if he is still going to get a summer job.

This New Jersey college student dodged a tough conversation with his dad — with a $1 million winning lottery ticket.

Kristopher Chrysanthopoulos, a 20-year-old from Oceanport, usually plays scratch-off tickets. But when he noticed the Mega Millions jackpot was $414 million for the May 28 drawing, he opted to play the bigger game.

He didn't check his tickets for days. But when his dad invited him to lunch to talk about his plans to get a summer job, Chrysanthopoulos thought it was the perfect time to check those tickets.

To avoid the conversation, he pulled out his tickets and hoped for the best. 

Chrysanthopoulos didn't hit the jackpot, but he matched the five white balls drawn.

"Dad, I've got five numbers!" he shouted in the car.

His dad stopped the car and asked if the outburst was a prank. Chrysanthopoulos assured his stunned dad that the winning ticket was real, and the two stopped at the nearest lottery retailer to validate the ticket and check the prize.

They could hardly contain their excitement about Chrysanthopoulos' $1 million prize.

Chrysanthopoulos said he wants to take his family on a trip before putting the rest of his loot into savings.

It remains unclear if he is still going to get a summer job.