College Student Who Allegedly Assaulted Woman Freed by Judge Who Says He Is 'High Achieving'

Ian Milaski was released on his own recognizance.
Ian Milaski was released on his own recognizance. Handout

University of Florida senior Ian Milaski is charged with battery and false imprisonment.

A University of Florida senior who allegedly sexually assaulting a fellow student has been released from jail by a judge who called him "a high-achieving student."

Ian Milaski, 21, was arrested Aug. 29 after a woman summoned university police and said Milaski had pinned her down on his bed, forcibly kissed her and tried to penetrate her with his fingers. He was arrested and charged with battery and false imprisonment. His bail was set at $125,000.

The woman was identified only as a sophomore, told police Milaski had drunkenly called her on Aug. 25, saying he needed water, according to campus newspaper The Independent Florida Alligator. The female student helped Milaski, a dorm resident assistant, back to his room, she told police. 

Milaski tried several times to kiss and hug her and told her, "I want to sleep with you," the girl told investigators, according to a police report obtained by the paper. When she tried to leave his room, he allegedly picked her up, pinned her to his bed and groped her genitals, the student said.

She eventually escaped and returned to her room, where Milaski later showed up and tried to get into her bed, the student said. A friend of the woman told him to leave, according to the police report.

At a bond reduction hearing Friday, Milaski's attorney said his client was an honor student and a teaching assistant who performed community service in the area. The judge agreed, calling Milaski a "high-achieving" leader. The senior was released on his own recognizance, ordered to stay away from the alleged victim, and to confine his presence on campus to attending class and "necessary" events. 

Milaski's lawyer described the encounter between the students as a "misunderstanding among platonic friends fueled by alcohol."

The man's next court appearance has not been scheduled.