College Student Wins $150,000 From Gifted Lottery Ticket

He won $150,000 off a lottery ticket gifted to him for Christmas.
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He said he doesn't plan to do anything major with the money.

A Christmas present was really the gift that kept on giving for a South Carolina college student. 

Collin Goff, who attends the University of South Carolina, said his grandma bought each of her grandchildren two scratch-off tickets for the holidays. 

His ticket just happened to pack an extra punch to the tune of $150,000.

Goff won the money from a Quick $250 ticket, according to South Carolina Education Lottery officials. 

"I was shocked. We all were,” Goff said. “It hasn't completely hit me yet.”

The student said he’s definitely happy to “start off 2019 on a good note,” but he doesn’t plan on doing anything extravagant. 

Goff also mentioned the luck was nice after having major brain surgery last year.