Colorado 9-Year-Old Appeals to Town Hall to Lift Ban on Throwing Snowballs

A 98-year-old law had ruled it illegal to throw snowballs in Severance, Colorado.

Most kids throw snowballs without even thinking, and now kids in Severance, Colorado, can too after a 9-year-old brought an unjust law to their local legislature.

Dane Best, 9, found out that it’s illegal to throw snowballs in the town he lives in.

“We went on a field trip to town hall and they told us that you can’t throw snowballs in Severance,” Dane told CBS4. “It’s an outdated law. I want to throw snowballs without getting in trouble.”

The town mayor Don McLeod explained that it was a 98-year-old law that specifically bans missiles. “And, snowballs are perceived as that,” he added.

Dane went home after his field trip and told his mom about the confusing law, adding that he wanted to go to the city and have it changed. She encouraged it and helped him set out with a plan.

“We are proud of him for taking the initiative to make some change, no matter how small it may be,” his mom said.

After a little organization, Dane made his case to the town board and insisted “They’re fun when it’s winter and there’s really nothing else to do besides sledding.”

The vote was unanimous, and the board agreed to lift the ban, just in time for this year’s winter festivities.