Single Mom of 5 Whose Law School Graduation Photo Went Viral Has Passed Bar Exam

She graduated from the school in the spring.

A single mother of five children who went viral for her touching law school graduation pictures has a new victory to celebrate: Passing the bar exam.

Ieshia Champs, 33, earned her degree from Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law in the spring and now she is one step further on her journey.

In a cute photo Champs took with her five children after he graduation, she holds a sign saying, “I did it,” with her children holding the signs that read: “I helped," "Me too" and "We did it!”

She posted her bar examination results to Facebook recently, with the caption: “God you did that!”

The mom hasn’t had it easy. She lost her home to a fire in 2009, and the father of two of her children died from cancer when she was seven months pregnant, ABC 13 reported.