Sisters Surprise Single Mom With Group Wedding Dress Photo, Something She Always Wanted

She mentioned it 12 years ago when her first daughter was married.

An Alabama mother, who raised her four daughters on her own, received a special gift this past Christmas, years after she first came up with the idea. 

When Terri McCaffrey’s first daughter, Amber Patterson, got married 12 years ago, she said that she’d love to have a photo of all her daughters in their wedding dresses one day. This Christmas, she got her wish.

“My mom looks at us with so much pride," Patterson told We are her accomplishment. We wanted to do it to honor our mom and her sacrifices for us our entire lives. It was one special thing she wanted.”

McCaffrey sometimes worked two to three jobs, just to support her four girls.

Patterson said it was definitely a struggle for them growing up. Patterson became the first person in her family to go to college and her three younger sisters — Kasey, Nikki and Skylar — all followed suit.

“My mom didn’t get the opportunity to go to college," Patterson said. "She always said we beat the odds. She always knew everyone would be married one day.”

So when the last of sisters married in December, the siblings got together to make their mother’s wish come true.

In a special video of the moment the sisters presented the framed photo to McCaffrey, the shock on her face is apparent.

The sisters know it’s a gift their mom will cherish forever.