Bride's Water Breaks During Wedding Reception: 'We Hadn't Even Cut The Cake Yet'

Dannie and Carl Mountford welcomed their daughter nearly a month early.
Dannie and Carl Mountford welcomed their daughter nearly a month early.(Caters News)

Baby Jasmine was born nearly a month early.

Newlyweds from England received an unexpected wedding guest when the bride’s water broke in the middle of their wedding reception. 

Dannie Mountford, 19, and husband Carl, 18, of the Western Midlands, welcomed a healthy baby girl nearly a month early – and while she was still wearing her bridal gown.

“It wasn’t until I was in the labor ward that my wedding dress was taken off,” Mountford told Caters News. “It was soaking because of my waters bursting on it.”

She explained that baby Jasmine, who was born in mid-December, wasn’t due until January, and they planned the wedding ahead of the birth so they would be legally married by the time their daughter arrived.

“One second I was dancing with my new husband, and the next I was giving birth to my little girl,” Mountford said. “It was such a big surprise, but it’s made our wedding day even more memorable and will always be extra special.”

Mountford said she and her husband rushed out of the reception by taxi at about 10:30 p.m. even though festivities had not quite wrapped up.

“The DJ was still playing as I was leaving the venue and people were still finishing their drinks,” she recalled. "We hadn't even cut the cake yet."

But she said the birth of her baby girl, born at 6 pounds, 4, ounces, was the perfect wedding gift.

Dannie and Carl Mountford welcomed a baby girl nearly a month early. - (Caters News)

“Even though my dress and garter got ruined ... and my night was cut short, the day was still perfect to me,” she said.