Scuba-Diving Couple Takes the Plunge and Gets Married Underwater

Thomas Mould and Sandra Hyde became husband and wife Thursday in the spot where they first met — the water.

After four years together, a couple took the plunge in the most literal way, tying the knot in an underwater ceremony.

In 2013, Thomas Mould, of Leicester, England, traveled on a British Army dive trip to the Amoray Dive Resort. It was there that the sergeant met Sandra Hyde, an instructor with whom he instantly connected, according to Florida Keys News Bureau. 

For years, the couple traveled between England and the U.S. to be together before deciding to make it official.

They originally planned to marry in the summer in an old English church, but after giving it some thought, Mould and Hyde decided an underwater wedding would be more appropriate and cost-effective.

So on Thursday, Mould and Hyde became husband and wife in the spot they first met — the water.

The bride wore white, the groom wore a tux and both donned scuba gear as they exchanged vows with the help of an underwater tablet beside Molasses Reef off Key Largo. 

The wedding included many of the traditional staples, including an exchanging of rings, a first kiss and a bouquet toss. Then, hand-in-hand, the couple swam off together.

Mould and Hyde plan to continue their honeymoon in the Florida Keys and then reside in England.