Couple Gets Wedding Reception Redo for Free After First Attempt Was Marred by Bride's Allergic Reaction

The bride was rushed to the hospital after suffering an allergic reaction to milk in the risotto.

After she was afflicted by a life-threatening allergic reaction during her September wedding, a New Jersey bride got a do-over for the special occasion. 

Victoria and Dominic Tumalo got married back in September but at the reception, she suffered an allergic reaction, which brought their big day to a screeching halt.

“I felt sick to my stomach and then head-to-toe, I just felt completely itchy," she told Inside Edition. "My throat started to close.”

Outside the venue, an ambulance was called, and the bride and groom had to act fast.

"I just said we need to get the dress off because I can’t breathe and if we can’t get it off now, they will cut it off in the hospital," she said.

Her husband told Inside Edition he was very concerned and that what was happening and said within minutes an ambulance came to administer an EpiPen and bring her to the hospital. 

The cause of the allergic reaction was later determined to be milk used in the risotto. 

“I usually don’t feel bad for myself," she said. "I have a great life, but that was something we have planned for for so long," she added. 

Sympathizing with the newlyweds, the caterer, DJ, and photographer — Twisted Oaks Studio in Somerdale, N.J. — all offered the newlyweds a complete do-over, free of charge. 

Two months after their first wedding ended so abruptly, the couple got together for a second one outside Philadelphia with 150 of their friends and family joining them for the redo. 

They finally got to cut the cake and celebrate the way they originally intended. 

The bride said that the redo was "better than their actual wedding." 

The vendors that helped the couple were:

DJ Sam Catrambone 
Auletto Catering
Termini Brothers Bakery 
Twisted Oaks Studio 
Cook's Florist