Colorado Dog Missing for 2 Weeks Rescued From Cliff

Missing dog.
Meet Jessie Lee.Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

Jessie Lee had gone missing two weeks ago. Humane Society workers rescued the pup from a 150-foot cliff.

A Colorado family received an early Christmas gift from the the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

Family members had searched in vain for two weeks, trying to find their missing dog, Jessie Lee. Meanwhile, animal control officers received a call about a pup stuck on a ledge overlooking a creek.

Two officers responded and discovered the dog, trapped on a cliff face that was 150 feet high. A neighbor provided a mountaineering harness and rappelling rope, and down went one of the officers, trying to reach the pup.

As the ground started to give way under the animal's paws, the officer was able to secure her with a catchpole and lift her to safety. 

Back at the Humane Society's offices, workers learned from the dog's collar and microchip that the dog's name was Jessie Lee. A call was placed to the owners, and Jessie Lee was reunited with her family the next day.

"Our team in Lost & Found gave them a call, and before we could even tell them the good news, Jessie Lee’s owner was asking if we found their beloved pup," the facility said on its Facebook page.

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