Kind Stranger Helps Reunite Missing Virginia Dog With Its Owner After 3 Years Apart

Judith Doughty and her Maltese Skylar were reunited after three years apart.

The family searched for the missing pooch hoping find her. Three years went by and still no sign of Skylar.

It was a homecoming like no other when Skylar the Maltese was reunited with his owner, Judith Doughty, after three long years apart. The Virginia pup disappeared when he went out to the bathroom with another dog, and though the Doughty family searched high and low for him, they never lost faith that they would one day find Skylar..

“I was sad when he was gone, but I didn’t give up. I prayed and prayed, and the Lord answered my prayers,” Doughty told the Newport News. “I was sad but I didn’t give up,” Doughty said. 

Then last week a kind stranger named Sherae Battle was driving to the hospital with her kids and saw a dog roaming the street. Battle said her kids saw the dog drinking from a nearby pond and were worried he’d fall in, so they used Goldfish crackers to lure him over, WTKR reported.

It worked. Battle told the Newport News she’d brought the pup home and kept him for two days until she could bring him to the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter.

“I immediately scanned for the microchip, which is standard procedure for us when strays come in,” said Susan Jacobs, an animal services technician at the shelter.

When Doughty got the call that her dog had been found, Jacobs said she could hardly speak since Doughty had been screaming in joy. 

Once the pair were reunited, it was as if Skylar had never gone

“He started licking me; I started crying,” Doughty said. “It was a miracle to me. I still can’t believe I got him back after three years.”