Cunning Dog Alerts Rescuers to the Frigid Maine Pond Her Blind Owner Fell Into

Samantha, the lab is hailed a hero after saving her owner who fell into icy waters in Maine.
York County Sheriffs Department

A clever Labrador retriever's rescue skills kicked in when her blind owner fell into an icy brook in Maine and needed help. Samantha barked and wouldn’t stop until rescuers arrived at the scene to save her best friend.

The 84-year-old man was apparently trying to put his four-legged friend into the dog run when she ran off, the man's son told the York County Sheriff's Office. The man then had accidentally slipped and fell into a brook, local station, WCSH reported

The dog owner was unable to make his way out of the brook and was yelling for help while submerged in the icy waters, officials said. A woman who lives in Limington, Maine, and whose home is situated near the brook, heard the man’s cries and called the York County Sheriff’s Office, officials said. 

When officers arrived, Samantha’s barking led them to the stream where her owner was. When the officers found the elderly man his body temperature had already dropped to about 84 degrees, the sheriff's office said

Thanks to Samantha’s quick response, the officers were able to successfully pull the man out of the brook to safety. 


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