Community in Connecticut Votes on Name for Fire Department’s Rescue Dog

Facebook/Mayor Joseph A. Carfora

Riggs, a beagle firefighters rescued from a hot car, is a new addition to the East Haven Fire Department.

Connecticut firefighters added a furry crew member after rescuing him from a hot car.

A beagle rescued by firefighters of the East Haven Fire Department last week went from being saved by the first responders to being one, WFSB reported. 

After a public vote was taken to decide the new name of the little team member, the beagle was named Riggs, Mayor Joseph Carfora announced

The new addition will serve as a support dog for the firefighters to help “alleviate the stress and trauma that firefighters often face in the line of duty,” Fire Chief Matt Marcarelli said. 

Firefighters rescued the 6-month old dachshund-boxer-beagle mix on Aug. 20 from a 122-degree locked car, according to the New Haven Register.

Riggs was then brought to an animal shelter before his owners surrendered him to an animal control officer, New Haven Register reported. The mayor and many members of the community fell in love with Riggs and decided it would be best for the firefighters to adopt him.

“He is an official ambassador for the department and the residents. Riggs is an Eastie now,” Mayor Carfora said. “As Riggs settles into his new role, the department looks forward to the positive impact he will have on the well-being of the firefighters and the broader community.” 

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