Commute From Hell: Shocking Photos Show Towering Flames Surrounding L.A. Roads

Terrifying images from the morning drive show the dangerous wildfire as it spreads.

As an inferno rages in the Los Angeles area, photos and video posted to the internet are making the predawn commute look downright apocalyptic. 

Stunned motorists found the hillside ablaze and gridlock below as fire raced towards the homes of many of the city's rich and famous.

Commuters on a bus couldn't believe their eyes as cops shut down a portion of the 405, the busiest stretch of freeway in the country, as firefighters fought to save nearby multi-million dollar homes in Bel-Air.

Hundreds of homes throughout southern California have gone up in flames as a result of the blaze. 

The latest California fires come just two months after wildfires in the northern part of the state were blamed for an estimated $3 billion in damage.  

Cal Fire has been explaining the hazards of the fire and the effects of wind on the blaze. 

They have also been posting images of the inferno as it devastates Los Angeles.