Kids Cry Tears of Joy as They Receive New Dog After Theirs Was Killed in Fire

It had been six months since the fire.

After the devastating loss of their beloved dog in a fire, a Utah family was overwhelmed with emotion when they were surprised with a new pup. 

The home that Ashley Sylvia shares with her family caught fire on March 23. While the family survived, their Dachshund, Flash, died in the blaze. 

“Despite flames bursting from the house, I was hopeful that Flash would make it through,” Sylvia said. “Unfortunately, just a few minutes later I saw the fireman coming out holding Flash, but in his arms, was a limp and lifeless pup. I immediately fell to my knees and began sobbing. It felt like a scene from a horror film.”

Sylvia said breaking the news to their children was the hardest part and the whole family cried.

The cause of the fire was a hoverboard in the home that had malfunctioned and exploded.

Six months after the tragedy, the family moved back in, but something was still missing. 

“We were obviously devastated and it took months and months for us to get back on our feet," Sylvia told "It took a little while for my husband to be on board with getting a new dog."

But the mom began the search for a new Dachshund until she finally found the perfect one, 6-year-old Teddy. 

Although Flash can never be replaced, Sylvia wanted to surprise her children with the new canine.

In a video shared by Caters News, two of Sylvia’s children, Dallin and Claire, are reduced to tears of joy as soon as they are met with the new addition.

“It was truly so beautiful to see my kids so happy,” Sylvia said. “With all the pain and hurt they had been through this year, it was definitely time for some joy.”

And Teddy couldn’t be a better fit for the family.

“It’s been amazing," Sylvia said. "He has adapted so wonderfully.

"He’s been a joy.  My husband thought we would never find a dog as good as our other dog and Teddy is definitely a contender.  As much as we miss our Flash, we know he is watching over us.”