Company Pays for Drunk Man Who Took $1,600 Uber Ride While Passed Out

Bottom Left: Kenny Bachman
Bottom Left: Kenny Bachman

He will donate the money he raised through GoFundMe.

A 21-year-old who blacked out in an Uber and ended up having to fork over cash for a $1,600 ride is in the clear now that another company has offered to pay the tab.

Kenny Bachman was charged the $1,635 after he said he had too much to drink while out with friends in West Virginia and ordered an Uber to his New Jersey home.

Now, thanks to a New Jersey-based company, Eat Clean Bro, which sells and delivers healthy meals to homes, Bachman has gotten his money back.

Jamie Giovinazzo, president and founder of Eat Clean Bro, said they paid the tab because keeping their roads safe is a priority.

"While it is very important to drink responsibly, it is extremely important not to get behind the wheel of a car after doing so,” Giovinazzo said. “Eat Clean Bro is hopeful that Kenny will learn from this experience, and spread the message that it is always crucial to either call a car or have a designated driver."

Bachman said he doesn’t remember ordering the Uber after the night of heavy drinking, and when he woke up, he was just 45 minutes from his home in what had been a 4- to 5-hour car ride. 

Bachman said he was in shock and had no idea where he was or who the driver was at first. 

To make matters worse, he’d ordered an Uber XL during a “surge pricing,” period, when rides are double or more of the normal cost due to high demand.

The driver dropped him off at home. 

“I felt almost taken advantage of,” Bachman said. “I don’t know what man in their right mind would think I was in a sober mental state to make the best decision into thinking a cross-country road trip was a good idea.”

Bachman said he tried to dispute the fare with the company but Uber said he’d taken the ride so he had to pay.

Bachman originally started a GoFundMe to help him pay for the unexpected bill, but will now donate the nearly $700 he raised through the campaign to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.