Connecticut Man Who Killed 2 Police Officers Played High School Football With Aaron Fernandez and Alex Ryng

Last week, Nick Brutcher shot and killed two police officers in Bristol, Connecticut. Brutcher played high school football with Aaron Hernandez, a Patriots tight end convicted of murder in 2015, and Alex Ryng, who killed his wife. All three men are dead.

Three high school football teammates went on to become cold-blooded killers in three separate and unrelated murder cases. Aaron Hernandez, Alex Ryng and Nick Brutcher all went to Bristol Central High School in Connecticut.

Aaron Hernandez became a pro-football player for the New England Patriots until he was convicted of murder in 2015. He took his own life in prison in 2017.

In 2014, Alex Ryng shot his wife to death before turning the gun on himself after she told him she wanted a divorce.

Just last week, the ambush murders of two police officers were carried out by the third high school teammate, Nick Brutcher. Bodycam video shows Brutcher opening fire. Police say Brutcher was still shooting when an officer took cover behind a cruiser and shot and killed him.

“All three were teammates, all three were classmates, and they knew each other very well,” WFSB-TV reporter Dylan Fearon said. 

Knowing Brutcher was connected to Hernandez and Ryng “has really shaken up this community even more,” the reporter said.

As one former teammate told the local paper, they let the community, the families they harmed and themselves down. 

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