Conservative Activist Kicked Off Plane for Refusing to Wear Face Mask

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No mask, no flight — that's the policy at a growing number of airlines, including American Airlines. And when one passenger refused to wear one, he was thrown off the plane, something he posted about immediately on social media.

Brandon Straka, a conservative activist and President Trump supporter, boarded an American Airlines flight Wednesday in New York. "I'm just being told this is the law and I have to get off but this is not the law," Straka said in one video.

An airline employee responded, "This is American [Airlines] policy, if you do not wear a mask, we're going to ask you to come off the aircraft."

In another video recorded by a New York Times reporter seated a few rows away, Straka claims he has a medical condition that exempts him from the mask policy. But when asked for documentation from a doctor, Straka said he didn't have it.

According to the reporter, once Straka was booted off the flight, people applauded.

Starting this week, major airlines, including American, United and Delta, say they will be enforcing a strict mask policy. You must wear a mask and keep it on throughout the flight, with only a few exceptions. You can take it off while eating, and small children and those with medical conditions are exempt.

"Part of the policy is those unable, should not have to," Straka said, adding that "anything that has to do with my medical situation is something I don't want to disclose to anybody else."

In a statement, American Airlines said, "After he refused to comply with the instructions provided by the flight crew, our team members asked him to deplane. Straka was rebooked on a later flight after he agreed to comply with company policies."

Straka told Inside Edition he plans to attend the Trump rally on Saturday in Tulsa, having been a guest speaker at rallies in the past.

"I am anti-mask for myself but I respect everyone's choice," Straka said.


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