Conservatives Swipe Right for Love on the MAGA-Only Dating App Righter

Lovelorn conservatives dating in the Trump era are praising the new dating app Righter, geared toward MAGA-only singles.

For these singles, the right connection means right-wing and support for President Trump

Thanks to the new dating app Righter, created by professional matchmaker Christy Edwards, they're finally getting the chance to meet people like them. 

Edwards told Inside Edition she developed the app after hearing stories of pro-Trumpers struggling to date. She wanted to develop a safe space where those looking for love didn't have to feel judged for their political views.

"What conservative in our country right now isn't a target?" Edwards said. "We are mocked, we are treated horribly."

For model Alyssa Brackley, who works primarily out of the Democrat-heavy California, Righter was a godsend. 

"I didn't think there was any conservative guys in California, so I am very excited about the app," she said.

Speech pathologist Elaina Marrujo said she was tired of experiencing rejection after rejection on other dating sites for her beliefs.

"You get in a great conversation and maybe you're interested and all of the sudden the floor pulls out from under you," she said of when she would tell prospective matches of her support for Trump. "'Oh never mind sorry.'"

College student Drew Edwards said he even experienced people purposely matching with him to fight over politics. 

"It used to be in my bio that I was conservative and if you don't like me, swipe left, and I got people who would match with me just to argue with me," he said.

Inside Edition brought a few of the conservative singles together for a group date. So how did it go? Watch the video above.