Inside Raya, the Online Dating App of the Rich and Famous

John Meyer, Drew Barrymore, Matthew Perry and Cara Delevingne all reportedly use the app.

Some celebs and other members of high society have turned to an elite dating app called Raya, where membership is by invitation only. 

The private dating site is where movie stars, professional athletes, tech executives and models search for their perfect match. 

Drew Barrymore revealed she was a Raya member during an appearance on "Ellen." Demi Lovato shared that she too was on the app during the filming of her documentary “Simply Complicated."

John Mayer, Matthew Perry and Cara Delevingne have also reportedly been spotted on Raya.

Only 8 percent of applicants are approved. Stand-up comedian Rachael O'Brien is among them, but she won't dish on which celebrities are on the app, citing its terms and conditions.

"I can’t say anyone's name because that's part of the rules," she told Inside Edition. 

She says she met her boyfriend on Raya.

Raya’s Los Angeles offices are so secret, its name isn't on the building's directory. Inside are the gatekeepers who decide who's accepted on the dating app and who isn't.
More than 100,000 people are reportedly on the waiting list.

“It does seem a little elitist," O'Brien said. "I am just not going to admit to it because I’m in the club."