Construction Workers Encounter 5-Foot-Long Alligator That Runs Into Pipe to Hide

No one was injured, including the gator, and the interruption was minimal, according to police.

A five-foot-long alligator caused quite the disruption at a Florida construction site before the spooked reptile was rescued from a pipe where it hid to avoid workers.

A wildlife trapper had to be called in to the construction site at about 11 a.m. in Indiantown after the construction crew discovered the gator while working on the site. Police say the gator scurried into the pipe escape the crew, causing it to clog. 

The muddy gator was successfully removed from the pipe by a trapper that was called to the scene.

Police posted the video of the incident on Facebook with the headline: “Construction Pipe Obstruction Requires More Than a Plumber.”

According to police, no one was injured in the event, including the gator, and the interruption was minimal.