Tips For Driving In This Wintry Weather

It starts with a car stuck on ice the tires spinning. But if you're not careful, it can turn dangerous.

Officials say a car got stuck in a snow bank and erupted in flames when the driver gunned it too hard trying to get out.

Youtube videos are testament to the dangers of overdoing the gas pedal if you're stuck.

Robert Sinclair is with AAA in New York.

Try to clear out as much snow as you can, all the way down to the pavement. There is no substitue for a good metal shovel. If the snow is not there, then it will not turn to ice.

Sinclair gave us some tips on how to avoid the other big peril of winter driving—slip and slide accidents where a driver loses control and smacks into other vehicles.

Sinclair says you should look in the direction you are going and then steer in that direction. The use of anti-lock breakes will kick in. Also when you are driving, try to drive very smooth, when you drive jerky with the steering wheel, it can cause the vehicle to lose control.