Cop Confirms to 4-Year-Old Who Called Emergency Line That Toys Are Indeed Cool

Cop Toys
New Zealand Police Dept.

This is a toy story that proves kids say the darndest things.

A New Zealand cop has become an overnight international star after he told a 4-year-old boy that toys are cool when the tike called police, U.S. News and World Report reported.

The boy had called the emergency line last week and the police thought the conversation between the child and the dispatch was “too cute not to share.” So the exchange was put on Facebook.

"Yes," the dispatcher asks, switching to a friendlier, singsong tone. "What’s going on?”

“Um, can I tell you something?” the boy asks, and after being told he can, says “I've got some toys for you.”

“You've got some toys for me?” says the dispatcher.

“Yep. Come over and see them,” the boy replies.

The dispatcher then sent officer Constable Kurt from the Wellington police station to check on his toys. When the officer arrived he told the child that the toys are indeed cool.

Following the delightful encounter, Constable Kurt reported back to his headquarters that the boy “did have cool toys.”

But that wasn’t all: The officer showed off his own toys to the child and allowed him to see the patrol car with flashing lights and sirens.

“The lucky kid also got to see the patrol car and the officer put the lights on for him, too,” reported the dispatcher.

The two snapped a photo together and posted it on social media, according to the Associated Press.

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