Cop Says He's Lucky to Be Alive After House Explosion Caught on Video

The massive fireball was caught in shocking footage.

Officer Travis Hiser of the Hurst Police Department is one lucky man.

He had just stepped out of his cruiser and was walking towards a car that had rammed into a house when the structure suddenly exploded, hurling fireballs and debris into the air. 

"If you watch the video, you can still see pieces of the house coming out that are on fire. A corner of the house actually skipped across my back," Hiser told Inside Edition.

He and another officer were responding to a 911 call from the home of Dixie and Charlie Bridges. The driver of an SUV had lost control and slammed into their house. The vehicle also hit a main gas line leading to the meter, which caused the huge explosion.

The blast lifted the roof and blew out the back wall of the home. The couple and their grown son were inside the house.  His parents were seriously burned and remain hospitalized. The son was treated for minor injuries and released.

"Luckily I didn't walk right up to the house," Hiser said. "Luckily I was able to cover my head and didn't get hit by more stuff."