Cop Who Is Credited With Saving Tiger Woods’ Life Calls Golfer’s Comeback a 'Miracle’

Tiger Woods Cop
Inside Edition

Officer Carlos Gonzales is amazed by how Woods has recovered and is back on the golf course.

One police officer is taking a special interest in watching the extraordinary comeback of Tiger Woods as he is credited for saving the legendary golfer’s life.

Carlos Gonzales is calling Woods’ comeback “a miracle” and spoke to Inside Edition about how he found the golfer trapped inside his overturned SUV 14 months ago in Los Angeles, California.

Gonzales was the first on the scene and gave Woods comfort in his bleakest hours.

"He was able to speak to me, he was able to look me in the eye,” Gonzales recalled. "All I had to do at that point is kinda keep him safe.”

Gonzales says watching Woods play now, after what he witnessed over a year ago, is truly remarkable.

"At the time you just hope that one could live a somewhat normal life, but to see him go beyond, it's unimaginable,” he said.

Woods is currently on day two of play of the 2022 Masters at Augusta National and Officer Gonzales is thankful he was there that fateful day to do what he could to give this great athlete a second chance  

"I’d say I’m happy he's able to get back to where he was,” he said.

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