Cops and K-9s Pray With 9-Year-Old Boy Ahead of Risky Brain Surgery

Local police officers paid Jalen Manns, 9, a home visit with their K-9s after hearing he likes German shepherds.

A 9-year-old from Georgia got the strength he needed to go through with a brain surgery, thanks to local police officers and their K-9s, who came to pray with him ahead of the risky procedure.

Jalen Manns, 9, kneeled with a K-9 as Officer Lamberth of the Warner Robins Police Department delivered a touching prayer just a few hours before the boy’s brain surgery.

“Lord heavenly father, we just come to you now, Lord God, asking for your words of encouragement and strength today," Lamberth could be heard in a video posted to Facebook.

Jalen was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor in May after experiencing crippling migraines for years.

After his diagnosis, Jalen's mom, Hannah, started a Facebook page sharing his story, where she posted that he suffers from anxiety as a result of the tumor, and loves German shepherds.

Many followers on Facebook sent Jalen stuffed animals, but when the Warner Robins Police Department came across the message, they took the extra step and brought K-9 Kojak, K-9 Ollie, K-9 Kastor and K-9 Argo for a quick visit the morning of his surgery.

Those officers were incredible and I couldn’t have asked for a better group to have been with my son Friday morning,” Hannah told "Officer Lamberth, the officer that spoke the prayer, gave an absolutely incredible prayer.”

Jalen is recovering well after the surgery and is now awaiting results from further testing.