Georgia Woman Seen Sobbing as Cops Arrest Her Following Traffic Stop 'Coin Toss'

The officers appeared to rely on a coin toss app to decide whether or not they would take driver Sarah Webb into custody.

A young Georgia woman was seen sobbing after police bodycam recorded her being pulled over for allegedly speeding and officers flipping a coin to decide whether or not they would arrest her. 
Hairdresser Sarah Webb, 24, doesn't deny she was speeding, telling one of the officers from the Roswell Police Department that she was late for work.

"So you think driving that fast on a wet road is a smart idea just because you're late for work instead of calling and saying you're running late for work?” the cop asked her. 

Sarah was on the verge of tears, her voice quivering as she apologized. 

Webb told Inside Edition the cops were "very degrading and rude and mean" to her. 

But if that wasn't enough, the officer is then seen returning to the patrol car where she and her partner consider what to do — take the motorist in on a reckless driving charge, or let her go with a ticket.

With the body cam still recording, the cop opens up a coin toss app on her phone.

The officers then agree that if it's heads, she would be arrested and if tails, she would receive the ticket.  

Inside Edition showed the footage to retired Los Angeles Police Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey. 

"I believe that this is not the first time they have done this because they did it with ease — they knew right where to go for the coin toss in the app; they thought it was cute," she said.

And while the "coin" landed on tails, they decided to take her into custody anyway.

The hairdresser was told to get out of her car and was placed in handcuffs.

In the back seat of the police cruiser, she bursts into tears.

Webb told Inside Edition that was "very angry and upset" after learning that her fate was decided by the coin toss. 

"It just hurt to know that these people are supposed to be looking out for you and it was a game to them," she said. 

After the video surfaced, prosecutors dropped all charges against Webb. The two officers turned over their guns and badges pending an investigation.

The incident occurred April 7 but the footage has just recently been released to the public.