Cops Capture 350-Pound Gator Found Wandering Down Road

10-Foot Alligator
No need for a sign at this gator crossing!Collier County Sheriff's Office

Gator crossing!

No need for a sign at this gator crossing! It's hard to miss a 10-foot reptile crossing the road.

It's even harder to wrangle such a beast, but that's exactly what Collier County Sheriff's Office deputies had to do in Naples, Fla.

Along with state wildlife officers and a trapper, deputies caught the 350-pounder on U.S. Highway 41 on Saturday.

The alligator, which police called "very aggressive," was successfully removed from the roadway uninjured.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office shared photos of their leathery-skinned friend on Facebook Sunday.

"Deputies never know what the day — or night, will bring," officials wrote.