Cops Rescue Driver of Sinking SUV by Breaking Through Sunroof Seconds Before It Submerged

As officers tried to get the driver of the vehicle out through the driver’s side door, the SUV was sinking fast.

A woman accused of driving while intoxicated is lucky to be alive after she drove off the road and crashed into a pond. Her SUV was fully submerged by the time police got to her.

The dramatic rescue was captured on a responding officer’s body camera. 

A brave officer leaped into the water to help his partner. He tried to get her out through the driver’s side door, but the SUV was sinking fast.

He jumped on the roof, and pounded on the glass sunroof.

With seconds to spare, the woman was rescued and dragged to the shore as her vehicle was swallowed up by the water in Le Ray, New York.

The driver was treated for hypothermia and arrested for DWI.

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