Florida Deputy Scales Burning Home to Rescue Mom and Baby Trapped on Balcony

The family who lost everything has set up a GoFundMe page. 

A Florida sheriff’s deputy scaled up the side of a burning home to save a mom and her 2-year-old daughter trapped on a third-floor balcony.

Dramatic bodycam video shows the fire engulfing the apartment building around 4 a.m. in Orlando.

“Everybody get out the house!” the mom screamed as she held her baby on the balcony.

Deputy William Puzynski assured them he was on his way up, removed his vest and scaled the building.

“Give me your baby. Hand me your baby. We're coming, hand me your baby,” Puzynski said.

Little Sophia screamed as her mom lifted her over the edge. Standing precariously on the railing, Puzynski took the child in his arms, jumped to the balcony floor and handed the girl to cops waiting below.

Mom Barbara Elenas spoke to Inside Edition alongside her daughter, who are now both safe and sound.

“I was considering jumping, and I’m looking around, I’m like, ‘OK, if I jump, then I might not make that jump either, so I’m doomed either way,’” Elenas said.

The mom and baby reunited with the deputy who saved them.

“There’s a place in my heart for him. It will always be there, because that's the person who saved her life and he's really a hero,” Elenas said. 

The family who lost everything has set up a GoFundMe page.

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