Cops Rescue Woman After Car Bursts Into Flames

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Police bodycam captured the pulse-pounding moments a Texas woman had to be rescued from her flaming pickup truck following an accident.

On Wednesday, police responded to the scene in Haltom City after they suspected an intoxicated driver was on the Denton Highway. The cops were in hot pursuit when the suspected driver hit another vehicle that had a 30-year-old woman inside. 

The woman’s pickup erupted into flames, leading police to rush in to save her before it blew up. 

Police struggled to get the door open because it had melted shut from the extreme heat. One cop used a baton to shatter the window and pull the victim out. 

They cut the woman's seat belt and pulled her out as the flames and smoke got more intense.

The victim did not appear to have any obvious injuries on scene, but once she arrived at the hospital, she was found to have internal injuries. 

The suspect was arrested on charges of intoxication assault with serious bodily injury and evading arrest with a vehicle. His identification will be released once he has been arraigned by a magistrate, according to the Haltom City Police Department

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