Do Not 'Stop to Get the Chicken Tenders,' Authorities Warn After 18-Wheeler Spills Boxes on Highway

Authorities issued a dire warning after chicken tenders were spilled across the road in Alabama.
Motorists flocked to pick up the free chicken on the road anyway.iStock

Motorists stopping to pick up boxes of chicken tenders were impeding traffic, Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency said.

Do not eat the chicken tenders that have fallen from a crashed delivery truck.

That’s what the Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency is warning after an 18-wheeler crashed on the highway, spilling boxes of chicken tenders all over the road.

“Those cases have been on the ground for over 24 hours and are unsafe to consume,” officials said in a Facebook post.

They also warned that any motorist caught stopping to pick up the spilled chicken could face charges.

However, the stern warning didn’t seem to stop many locals from flocking to the free food.

Authorities said drivers were causing a traffic hazard attempting to stop in the middle of the highway for the poultry.

Locals also commented on the post that there have been additional posts in neighborhood Facebook groups letting others know there was free chicken on the roads.

“There was a post on the dekalb county buy sell page telling people exactly where to go to get the ‘free chicken’ and how there was alot left,” the comment read, followed by laughing emojis.