Dalmatian Accidentally Puts Fisherman's RV in Reverse, Sending It Into Texas Lake

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A Dalmatian in Texas found itself in deep trouble when it accidentally sent an RV rolling into a lake. 

As fisherman Eric Jackson was launching his boat into the Sam Rayburn Reservoir last week, his dog Bodi got behind the wheel of the vehicle and stepped on the gear shift switch. 

Jackson saw his RV slowly rolling toward the lake and did his best to stop the vehicle, but it was too late.

“Bodi clearly knew that he had something to do with this thing. In his own way he knew he was the guilty dog,” Jackson told Inside Edition.  

Jackson actually had to dive under the water to attach a tow line to the RV and pull it out. 
Unfortunately, the damage was done. Still, Jackson said Bodi's not really to blame.

“They call it dog-driving error, but had I turned the RV off, the whole thing would never have happened,” Jackson added. 


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