Cops Save Pig Named Ramone From Sizzling in Hot Car

Pig in hot car
Pigs shouldn't be left in hot cars, either.Orange County Sheriff's Department

The Orange County, Calif., Sheriff's Dept. now says they've "seen it all."

California sheriff's deputies jumped into action to save a pig — trapped in a hot car — from becoming fried bacon.

Deputies with the Orange County Sheriff's Department responded to a scene outside Tustin to assist Orange County Animal Care with the removal of a pig left in a vehicle, the department wrote on Facebook Wednesday. 

Authorities found the registered owner of the pig, which turned out to be named Ramone, and he was safely taken out of the vehicle.

"We see a lot of things in this line of work and just when we think we've seen it all," the department wrote. 

The department urged pet owners, of any kind, to "remember to not leave your animals inside the vehicle."

It was unclear whether the owner was charged.

As the Los Angeles Times noted, the bystanders who called for help would also not face charges had they taken the situation into their own hands.

A law passed in January of last year allows Californians to break the windows of cars without fear of legal repercussions if they believe pets are in danger.