Cops Under Investigation After Video Shows Suspect Being Interrogated With Snake

Indonesian cops threatened to put a snake inside the mouth and pants of a man accused of stealing cell phones.

Are Indonesian police officers using a live snake during interrogations?

Cops in Indonesia are under investigation after a video surfaced of what appears to be a suspect being interrogated with a live snake wrapped around his neck and body.

The man in the video, shot last month, was being questioned with his hands behind his back by officers in Jayawijaya, the easternmost province of Papua, about stolen cell phones when a snake was used in attempt to encourage him to confess, Reuters reported.

The suspect could be heard shouting in distress as another man ordered him to open his eyes and threatened to put the snake into his mouth and his pants, according to Reuters.

Police reportedly asked during the interrogation how any times he has stolen mobile phones, and the suspect later responded, “only two times.”

Papuan police spokesperson Ahmad Musthofa Kama said the case is under investigation and vowed to take action if officers were found in violation of the law or code of conduct.

Jayawijaya police officers apologized and insisted the snake was nonvenomous.